Stump grinding

Stump Grinding is usually the last stage of tree removal. After the tree has been felled, you will be left with an unsightly, ground level stump. It can be left in the ground but may cause problems in the future and you cannot plant anything new. Problems leaving the stump include the likes of root diseases and fungi such as honey fungus. Suckering can also occur and is when new shoots grow from the stump if it’s still alive.

Stump Grinding can be done at any time of year. Smaller stumps can be removed by hand, though the majority will require the use of specialist equipment. We have a variety of Stump Grinding Machines to enable us to tackle each task on it’s individual merits. This allows us to take into consideration the surrounding area and access requirements.

 A recent example of our Stump grinding

A recent project was the removal of the tress and stump grinding in order to leave the site ready to be tired.

Please contact us for a no-obligation quote, we can remove existing stumps even if we did not cut down the original tree.

We have a Stump Grinder that can be taken through most homes to access rear gardens with limited access.

The site before stump grinding
The site before stump grinding
The site after stump grinding
The site after stump grinding

Stump grinding in Nottingham
Stump grinding in Newark
Stump grinding in Nottinghamshire